Friday, August 17, 2012

What would you say?.

Was back at the rural church cemetery with the Cemetery Committee walking around checking my work. Couple of months before we scanned the cemetery with Ground Penetrating Radar, found about 45 unmarked burials in less than 2 acres...pretty typical. The committee also contracted us to map the landmarks, the burial, markers, trees, fencing, buildings, etc. so they could know where the unmarked burials were located---typical. We left orange flags marking the center of unmarked discovery...standard practice. But, I didn't know what to say when one of the committee members saw where one flag noted an unmarked. She knew who it was, a long-standing member of the church who had died 20+ years ago. When she saw the flag marking his burial was beside another marked burial, she asked if I could move it over "some" because he and the person buried beside "didn't get along." All I could meekly say was ... "Sure"

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