Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Helping a Family Get Peace of Mind

Family Cemetery Scanned and Mapped
De Kalb, Mississippi
November 22, 2010

To beat the morning fog Ben and I flew over Sunday night to Meridian, MS...smooth flight. Checked-in to a pleasant hotel...enjoyed a nice meal. From time we landed 'til time we took-off, truly some of the friendliest folks I've ever had the pleasure of meeting...not one negative about Meridian.

Monday morning bright and early...drove 50 minutes to De Kalb, thanks to GPS found the exact location of a smaller family cemetery...measuring 50'x50'. Drove up the the house of the property owner, though not a member of the cemetery family. Nice folks too... had been out deer hunting that morning. Wife welcomed us into her kitchen, immediately wanted the complete Topographix/Omega/GPR cemetery story. Seems she is a freelance newspaper reporter and is writing an article for the local paper. Nice folks...

Few minutes later we were onsite ...machine unloaded, set up. Getting to work... Within few minutes more...had a crowd building, complete with lawn chairs, cameras and picnic baskets. The neighbors wanted to see that fancy machine at work. And work it did!

The lady who contracted with us is a true genealogical/family passionate cemeterian. She lives in San Antonio, Texas and was home in Mississippi for the Thanksgiving holiday AND to see that her family cemetery was well cared for.

For the next 6 hours we worked... making sure everyone was buried where they should be and found about 5 folks either buried "out of place" of their markers or simply unknown. Altogether we found < than 20 burials. Pretty typical. Only negative were the 7 medium pine trees on the cemetery. The scan indicated the root sysemt had "captured" some of the burials. Regardless, the client was thrilled with a true sense of closure. Her sacrifice from love for her family heritage is most admirable and we at Omega Mapping were glad to help.

Flight home back to Georgia last night...tiring but still a thrill.

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