Sunday, November 21, 2010

Omega Mapping Services explained

"You just saved us $8000..."
Len Strozier
Omega Mapping Services
November 21, 2010

That's what the Superintendent told me Friday November 12 as we wrapped up a busy morning in his middle Georgia community. In rapid time, using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Omega Mapping Services pinpointed a water leak on a state road, a pipe under a railroad, another under the interstate plus we confirmed the water system around his city square.

Finishing up he shook my hand and said we saved him $8000 because, after what we discovered, he would not need to install two valves. His words not mine.

My name is Len Strozier and I am the owner of Omega Mapping Services of Woodbury, Georgia. Using Ground Penetrating Radar we discover underground infrastructure without the need to dig. From the surface we give you a reliable picture of what is underground at your property. Our client lists include municipalities, private businesses, churches and residences. Engineering, archeological and historic associations frequently use our services.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is amazing technology created by pure American ingenuity. It was perfected during the war in Viet Nam to locate enemy tunnels. And like so many other wartime inventions, GPR has been translated into positive, peacetime, application.

The easiest way to understand GPR technology is to remember the old "fish-finder" you had on your bass boat. Simply put: Electrical impulses are sent into the ground and any subsurface "disturbance" sends back a "picture" to a computer screen.

No. We do not see actual pipes or bones or buried treasure. Instead hyperbolas appear appear which indicate something is in the ground. An experienced technician is trained to interpret these “pictures” and, with reasonable confidence, report what is buried and where.

Ground Penetrating Radar has many uses.

During the 1980's GPR was instrumental in finding the six P-38s and two B-17s warbirds abandoned in Greenland in 1942. Remember Glacier Girl? Since 1942, not only had the ice pack shifted three miles but, in 40 years, the planes were buried in almost 250 FEET of snow and ice. GPR discovered the planes.

Here are recent examples of 2010 projects of Omega Mapping Services:

...Less than a month ago a municipality unintentionally drained a 250,000 gallon water tank only because they could not find a valve connected to a 12 inch water main. Yesterday (11/19) we found the valve buried on an elementary playground just below grass and dirt. We will map it to digitized drawings and, next time the manager will know its precise location.

...The first day of November we worked with an engineering firm to locate, then outline, underground fuel tanks at an older (cir. 1940's) service station in Byron. We found five tanks buried under concrete and asphalt. After boring samples were taken, at least one tank had seeped fuel into the ground.

...In August the City of Marshallville contracted us to find a leaky water main on a state road. Years ago the road had been widened, and resurfaced but the water main was never moved. In less than an hour, we found precisely where a mysterious 2 inch galvanized water pipe was connected to the water main. Leak repaired... (see Brent Matthews pictures)

...Mid-June we were asked to find an elusive 12 inch PVC water main located at the Brunswick airport. The contractor was installing concrete, storm pipes but were at a standstill because the water main could not be located. In less than 30 minutes we found the pipe, flagged it, then they brought in a backhoe, dug where we flagged and found it center-line where we said it would be. We spent the day flagging the pipe as it snaked parallel the runway. PVC...

...Winter turned to spring and found Omega Mapping Services in a municipal cemetery in Americus. Wanting to honor their heritage, City leaders asked us to scan and map 5 acres of the oldest section of the historic cemetery. Scaled maps were presented not only indicating burials marked above ground but 462 unmarked burials as well. (see Americus gpr p9 map picture)

...But the most interesting discovery of 2010 will be what Omega Mapping unearthed at the Roosevelt Rehabilitation Hospital in Warm Springs last June. A 60 year old speech indicated that during the dedication of a medical building, April 1, 1939, President Franklin Roosevelt buried a time capsule below the surface somewhere on the property.

In short time we found it buried in a trench 8 feet down. Regrettably someone found it before us. Not only did they rob the contents, but they destroyed the top of the copper box, breaking an ax head off in the box in the process. BUT...Omega Mapping Services found it. (see picture of man in hole)

It does not matter if the pipes are metal, clay, wire, or PVC.

It does not matter if your infrastructure is covered by concrete, asphalt, or turf.

If you have unknown underground infrastructure standing in the way of your project, call us.

If you have a leak, or a missing pipe, or need to know where something is buried, call us.

If you work with cemeteries we discover unmarked burials opening property for expansion, call us.

If you have questions regarding how Omega can help you get a comprehensive picture of your underground infrastructure, without excavation, call Len at 478-747-3747 or go to leave a note and I'll personally respond that day.

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