Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gonna bring a highway through there...

As a highway is expanded to help ease traffic, it will cross a family cemetery in a medium sized central Georgia town. Stood at the cemetery site yesterday taking measurements because this town honors its heritage rather than forgets it.

Before the road will be expanded they want to relocate the cemetery. And as they relocate they are doing everything in their power to do it right!

That's precisely where Omega Mapping Services comes in to help.

Within a few weeks, if all goes well, we will be on this site, with Ground Penetrating Radar busy attempting to discover where each burial is located. There are less than five headstones and slabs spotted, but numerous field stones marking the peaceful rest of the deceased. We did a spot scan yesterday to simply get an idea of what to expect and, as expected, found numerous hyperbolas...numerous potential burials.

This GPR and mapping assignment will be very interesting.

Cudos to this progressive community who races breakneck into the future but NOT at the expense of the glorious past.

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