Monday, January 17, 2011

GPR In Someone's Backyard; an 1800 Family Cemetery

...really couldn't scan much today, 40 degrees and spitting rain.

Yet we were "out in it," at least for awhile, in a family cemetery in Middle Georgia. A modern neighborhood association, in a very nice community south of Macon is considering mapping and Ground Penetrating Radar scan of the early 19th century cemetery which they drive pass each day.

It was an amazing site. The site was more-or-less forgotten for more than 150 years. But now the 21st century has come knocking on the door of those dear, departed saints. Now well-intentioned members of the The Association have put in a Trojan Effort to get the site cleaned up and ready for salvation.

What a site: I saw memorial markers dating back into the early 1800's. One man was born in 1783! I would imagine the site measures about 1.3 acres and there are two iron-fenced in areas, less than 50 graves marked by granite markers.

But even in the rain, unofficially, we found more than a dozen unmarked burials.

Just as historians suggest, many servants and slaves were buried outside the family lots and, as expected, that is where we found most of the unmarked burials. I betcha I found ten under one lone, large oak tree. All laid out in perfect order, west facing east...all waiting for the Lord to come again in the eastern sky.

This work really is fulfilling...those folks have long since been forgotten, overlooked, but we intend to honor their heritage.

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